Doug Hetherington

CEO & Founder

Doug Hetherington is a health plan visionary, innovator, and program architect. He specializes in providing high-value, sustainable self-funded and level-funded health plan solutions to Employers and Benefit Advisors.

Doug started his career as a second-generation Benefits Broker over twenty years ago. As the Great Recession, Affordable Care Act and other factors eroded the value of employer health plans, Doug saw that the insurance products he was presenting to his clients had become problems rather than solutions.

Determined to fix the problems, Doug began innovating around self-funding, captives, reference-based pricing (RBP), and population management in search of viable solutions that gave his employer clients control over cost and plan design. His creativity and tenacity for change drove his development of several first-of-their-kind innovations, including RB EmCap, a national access captive program for RBP employers.

While talking with a hospital provider, the sudden realization came to Doug that Providers are the key to sustainable and meaningful health plans. This led Doug to pioneer a new type of community-based partnership between Bingham Memorial Hospital and nearby employers.

Health2Business (H2B) was founded in 2019 after years of innovation succeeded in converting Doug’s vision into proven case studies:  better healthcare starts when employer groups, providers, and health systems work together at the local level through Direct Contracts. H2B solves for one segment of our broken healthcare system: how we access and pay for care. While establishing scalable direct contracts with some of the largest flagship health systems in the country, Doug realized that in order to truly decapitalize healthcare, the direct contracts need to be transparent, open, and free of charge for employers of all sizes to access. By establishing H2B’s independent, agnostic, and collaborative direct contract administrative platform infrastructure, Doug has created an entirely new vendor class known as Direct Contract Administration.

An optimist by nature, Doug truly believes that the more we work together, the faster we can restore value to our healthcare system and create a sustainable mutual benefit for Provider, Employer, and Employee/Member stakeholders.

In his free time, Doug can be found in the Idaho wilderness camping, motorcycling, or skiing with his family.