Making health plans affordable, local, & sustainable.

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Healthcare is too expensive

H2B is reducing premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs.

Benefits are confusing

H2B is simplifying benefit plans for employers and employees.

Networks are inefficient

H2B is taking a unique and more sensible approach.

How it Works

H2B establishes partnerships with healthcare providers in your commmunity.
H2B builds relationships with brokers and sales consultants (distribution partners).
Employers work with H2B distribution partners to design plans that work within the partnership model.
Employers enroll in the H2B direct partnership program.
Healthcare expenditures have grown to over $3 trillion of the US economy and 17.9% of our GDP. This isn’t sustainable.

Our Plans Experience


Average 1st year premium savings among employers


Average 1st year reduction in employee out-of-pocket costs

< 0%

Average annual increase to plans over 3 years: less than U.S. rate of inflation


3rd year average annual increase in utilization among partner providers

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