What We Do

  1. Offer turn-key health plan products and solutions that feature access to H2B direct-contracted providers and health systems in select regional markets
  2. Administer Direct Contracts
  3. Build out Direct Contract Programs or Community Health Plans for Employers or Providers

About H2B’s Direct Contracts

H2B’s Direct Contracts with healthcare providers have two defining characteristics:

  1. Employer is the payer.
  2. The contract is for global services. Specifically, every single DRG offered by the hospital, primary and multispecialty providers, all outpatient services, and professional services; not just a few bundled services.


$10 copays. Low deductibles. Lower premiums. Competitive options for small group to enterprise employers.


Regional programs with flagship health systems and member ability to see any provider of their choice.

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Quick, efficient process for submitting your groups.

How it Works

Benefit Advisor and/or Employer determine which H2B solution meets company needs
Submit information to request Quote / Proposal
Review Quote / Proposal
Enroll and educate employees about their new Healthcare Access
Direct Contracts align incentives for Stakeholder Employers, Employees, and Providers, resulting in more affordable and sustainable access to care.

Employer Experience


Average 1st year premium savings among employers


Average 1st year reduction in employee out-of-pocket costs

< 0%

Average annual increase to plans over 3 years: less than U.S. rate of inflation


3rd year average annual increase in utilization among partner providers

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