Case Studies

Explore these case studies to see how H2B direct contract access works for real companies!

Lower employer health plan costs

Lower employee premiums, copays, and deductibles

Plan savings

Provider choice

Better experiences and outcomes


Demanding better benefits

A potato farming operation in rural Idaho offers zero-deductible, affordable healthcare to low-income workers by contracting directly with local provider.

  • No change to premiums for 4 years
  • Year over year decrease in plan spend
  • High employee participation rate
  • Proven mutual benefit to employer, employees, and providers

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Small Business, Big Savings!

Brewery with only 8 members on the health plan partners directly with local Health System for high-value care.

  • 31% savings on Employee premiums
  • Lower Copays
  • Overall Plan Savings
  • Direct relationship with local Health System and Providers

Premium Relief +Bonus: Better Benefits

A private K-12 school in Idaho sees dramatic premium cost savings with direct contract health plan.

  • Premiums 10% lower than renewal
  • Improved benefit plan design
  • Copays as low as $10
  • Accessible, high-value care provided by the region’s leading health care system

Missouri employers get new option for affordable, high-value health care

Over 500 local providers, hospitals, and surgery centers address the need for more accessible care.

  • Solution delivers value and quality
  • Employers partner directly with local providers
  • Direct contract administration infrastructure creates a scalable and replicable program

This Credit Union Reduced Healthcare Cost Increases by 75%, While Improving Benefits!

Here's how Lookout Credit Union's direct partnership delivers real benefits.

In this case study, you’ll learn how Lookout Credit Union successfully implemented an H2B direct partnership to reduce healthcare costs and improve benefits.

Nonprofit Transforms Healthcare Experience which Reengages Employees in the Company!

See how Northwest Real Estate Capital Corp. used a direct partnership to reengage employees and focus on wellness.

Learn how NWRECC said goodbye 15-30% annual healthcare cost increases and transitioned to a proactive, wellness-based health plan with an H2B direct partnership!

Rejecting double-digit increases

Small auto dealership in Northern Kentucky saves big!