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Health2Business (H2B) establishes and administers direct contracts and builds infrastructure that enables healthcare providers and hospital systems to offer services directly to employer health plans without going through third parties.  This results in better access to care at more affordable rates.

Founded by a former 20-year benefit advisor and a former healthcare provider, H2B solutions simultaneously address employer pain and provider pain and seek to generate mutually-beneficial results. Direct contracts have a proven, profoundly beneficial impact on the communities they serve.

Affordable Access via Direct Contracts and Direct Contract Infrastructure

Product and service offerings:

  1. Products: Turnkey level-fund and self-funded health plans* for small group to enterprise that feature access to H2B direct contracts
  2. Access:  H2B direct contracts layer into existing or new self-funded health plans
  3. Direct Contract Administration:  Independent and agnostic administration of direct contracts
  4. Consulting: Build out direct contract programs for employers or providers

*H2B is not a health plan. The health plans promoted by H2B are administered by partner entities such as TPAs, general agents, or brokers.

Aligning Stakeholders


We believe disruption in our broken health care system starts with Providers. Transparent, established rates and direct payer agreements with employers create greater efficiencies and reduce administrative burdens. Plan members are incentivized to visit providers with direct contracts, which provides steerage to contracted providers. H2B’s direct contracts cover global services for 52 hospitals and 12,000 providers in 7 states, with new providers onboarding every month.


H2B’s solutions address Employer pain by actively lowering unit costs, seeking more competitive underwriting, and creating long-term sustainability. Minimizing annual renewal increases that sometimes top 30% or higher with traditional insured plans allows employers to focus on risk management and education instead of misaligned cost mitigation.


For plan members, improved plan designs result in lowering deductibles, copays, and other financial barriers that often prohibit employees and their families from accessing care. With no “network” of providers, patients can choose which providers they wish to see, without being penalized for going out of network.

Leadership Team

Doug Hetherington

CEO & Founder

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Phone: 208.991.2965

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Clint Schnoor

Chief Operating Officer

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Jessie Hardy

Claims Manager

Phone: 208.810.4607

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